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We invite you to visit us...

If you want to get an even better insight into how we work, we invite you to come and have a chat with our executives to see what best suits your needs. If you cannot make it, just email us and we will respond to your quaries as soon as possible.

Since our establishment, we were able to investigate and respond to the wishes of our customers and offer them the best to meet their requirements. Our managerial, design and executive staff came its way of development and improvement, while also renewing and expanding the production equipment.

The company is specialized in the production and trade of metal and plastic waste bins. It has a wide range of containers of different volume. The firm is on the market since 1998 and thanks to the high quality waste bins it offers and its loyalty to customers and partners, has established itself as one of the main suppliers of metal and plastic waste bins in the country.


About us

Elpida Metal Containers Manufacturing
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